About Us

What is Yellow Dog Brewing?

Yellow Dog Brewing is a family-run brewery focused on producing high quality locally crafted beer for everyone to enjoy.

Almost 3 years ago, Mike and Melinda Coghill opened up Port Moody's very first craft brewery to bring great beer and a down home, family atmosphere to the craft beer world. We boldly went where nobody had gone before.

How it works?

Well, first off we are a functioning brewery. If you visit us on any given day you'll see our brewers working hard just off the tasting room. Every day they are creating Yellow Dog Brewing's signature beer we are now known for. You can grab a glimpse of the beehive of activity as they painstakingly get each specific batch of beer ready for the kegs.

Our tasting room is right beside the brewery. In fact, you can take a look through door and admire both sides of the business at the same time.

The tasting room is where you can stop in with the whole family and enjoy a glass, pint, or you favourite four beers on what tasting rooms lovingly nickname, a 'Flight' of beer. The name for the beer tasting paddle really could have been called anything. A 'Litter' of beer? A 'Congregation' of Ales? But, the 'Flight' refers to a trip, or a voyage you take when you can enjoy a properly assembled 'Flight'. We take you on whirlwind tour, where each beer (destination) is more intense than the previous one. Have a nice flight!

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